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The Ferguson FE35 (Massey Harris Ferguson Company) was manufactured from 1956 until part way through 1957 when production continued under the Massey Ferguson badge and red and grey livery of the MF35. The FE35 was painted in a distinctive contrast of grey tinwork and wheels with golden castings. These distinctive colours gave the tractor a list of names by which the machine became known in South Africa as the Gold Belly or Koperpens / Gouepens. Fe 35 models sold in South Africa were painted red & grey and the copper coloured paint became evident when the top coat of paint on the castings began to wear off
Serial numbers
The serial numbers are preceeded by three letters.
The first letter denotes the chassis type (S=standard, V=vineyard, J=industrial)
The scond letter denotes the engine (G=petrol, H= high altitude petrol, D= 23C diesel, N= 3-A-152 diesel, K=vapourising oil)
The third letter denotes variation (F=single clutch, M=dual clutch)
Massey Ferguson FE35
The advent of the Ferguson FE 35 Tractor introduced many improvements over the TE series, many of which made the tractor much more user friendly. Side by side independent wheel brakes which could be locked for road use, improved hydraulic lift system with duel lever control and a fine setting for the draught control lever, tachometer with built in hour counter, tip-back drivers set with back rest and cushion. Deluxe versions were equipped with live power take off and hydraulics, this transformed the usefulness of the tractor when using power take off driven implements such as balers, root crop diggers etc. Despite being fitted with a pre-heating system the optional four cylinder indirect diesel engine fitted to the series gained a reputation for being difficult to start in cold weather.
1956  1001 - 9225
1957  9226 - 74655
Tractor with either Standard petrol, V.O. or 23c diesel engine. Gold engine and transmission, grey tinwork.
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