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Massey Ferguson MF65
MF 65 Tractor with Perkins A4.192 engine.
1957 - 1960
1957: 650001
1958: 650024
1959: 661164
1960: 671379
1961: 680210
1962: 685370
1963: 693040
1964: 701057
1965: 710788

The Massey Ferguson Mark One MF 65 Diesel Tractor was introduced in 1957. Power was provided by a 50.5 h.p. four cylinder Perkins engine. The basic design was similar to that of the MF 35, additional features were inboard disc brakes and epicyclic final drive reduction units. Optional features were a diff-lock and power steering. To improve the MF 65's capability's with trailed implements Massey Ferguson introduced the 'Multi-Pull hitch in 1960. A forerunner of Pressure Control it consisted of a heavy chain attached to a three-point linkage frame which was wrapped around a trailed implement draw-bar. Partially raising the hydraulic lift arms transferred some of the implement weight on to the back of the tractor which improved wheel grip.
An improved Mark Two version of the MF 65 was introduced at the 1960 Smithfield Show. Power output from the four cylinder engine was increased to 56.8 h.p. Dif-lock was standard, optional equipment included: road lights. In 1962 a factory fitted twelve forward and four reverse speed Multi-Power gearbox became available at a cost of 70.
MF 65 Tractor with Perkins AD4.203 engine.
1960 - 1965